Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cheap Auto Insurance for Young Drivers

Do you need auto insurance for young drivers? Before comparing insurance quotes it is wise to learn as much as possible.

You will save a lot of time and effort, if you know what factors are influence young drivers auto insurance rates. Ultimately, you will find cheaper insurance.

It is astonishing that many people pay considerably more than they really need to for their auto insurance . Most of the time this can be easily prevented by simply comparing quotes online.

As you can can imagine auto insurance for young drivers can be particularly expensive. That's why it is of paramount importance to go the extra mile in order to find the best combination of lower car insurance premiums and good insurance coverage.

One of the biggest problems new drivers face is their lack of driving history. Unfortunately, there is not really a lot that can be done about it. Most insurers treat all inexperienced drivers the same way in the high-risk category. It is proven statistically that because of their inexperience drivers under the age of twenty five are nearly 3 times more likely to be involved in an accident compared to a diver over sixty.

It is understandable why some careful young drivers feel 'punished' by the insurers. In the eyes of many, having to pay up to $5000 per year is unjust. Of course, there are things that can be done to help the situation. You can lower your insurance premiums if you maintain good grades at school, drive an "insurance friendly" vehicle and reduce your yearly mileage. Did you know that some insurers do offer as high as a 25% discount for students with an average grade of B.

Every new driver must focus on establishing a safe driving record. Its important to know that a single traffic violation may significantly set you back on your quest for better insurance rates. Even a small accident is an excuse for most insurers to raise your rates.

Paying close attention to the driving habits and behaviour of young drivers on the road is a good idea for parents. Encouraging proper driving practices will help them to establish a good driving record and help avoid future accidents.

Make sure you check if your state has any regulations and safety laws which apply to young drivers. There are passengers restrictions in the states of Georgia and New Jersey, Florida and California have night driving restrictions for young drivers.

Most states will also require the completion of a certain number of hours in an education course before you can apply for drivers license.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Cheaper auto insurance for women

Interesting article about auto insurance for women

The fact that women are better drivers than men has been proven by recent insurance rates data.

Of course, this doesn't mean they are guaranteed low rates with the first quote they get. It is very important to compare rates from different insurers in order to find the best deals.

It may still be a mans world, but not as far as car insurance is concerned. Women are actually paying less for their car insurance than men.

But why do women enjoy lower premiums?

Statistics show that women are lower risk drivers than men. Apparently, women are much more likely to obey traffic codes, drive safely and comply with their auto insurance requirements.

Men tend to be more agrresive drivers. Women, on the other hand, are less likely to commit a traffic violation intentionally. Overtaking dangerously and jumping a red light, is not something most women do.

Are women considered to be safer drivers?

When you compare men and women, it is safe to say that women are safer drivers. There are two main reasons for that, women are normally more responsible and observant. Road signs and other drivers behaviour, are things women pay more attention to. It comes as no surprise that being observant means less accidents are caused by women. Statistics have shown men are the cause of accidents more frequently than women by more than 50%.

Being very protective is a characteristic a lot of women have. Often, women drive their kids to school in the morning. The last thing they would want to do is drive dangerously and harm their child.

Not only are women protective of their children, they are protective of their jobs. In our day and age, it is harder for them to climb the corporate ladder. Having a traffic violation against them could very well result in the loss of their hard earned job. So, being a careful driver is essential for every mother and working women.

Things may well change in the future as more women pursue careers and there are more stay-at-home dads.. At least for now, women have the right to demand cheaper car insurance rates.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Toyota recall - Will your auto insurance rate go up

Have you been affected by the recent Toyota recall. After ensuring your vehicle is safe to be on the road, you are probably asking yourself what will this recall do to your car insurance? Will there be an increase to your insurance rates? Is your cover still valid? Does your vehicle cost less as a result of the recall?

Insurance companies say that your liability or collision insurance will not be affected. Faulty accelerator can cause accidents and if you are in one, your claim will be accepted and paid. Toyota will be the one insurance companies chase for compensation. You may have to pay he deductible, but experts say Toyota will return part or all of the deductible to you.

As for your insurance premiums, insurance companies (including State Farm and Allstate) have stated that there will be no increase.
When your insurance rate is calculated, the type and model of your car plays a huge role.Toyota has a good reputation overall for making safe cars and the recent recall will not mean that all Toyota owners will automatically start paying more.

The value of used Toyota cars will undoubtedly go down. Of course, this doesn't mean that you should sell yours immediately. Lower car value may mean cheaper insurance when you have to renew your policy.

Wondering how much exactly has your insurance rate actually changed?
Compare auto insurance quotes in Florida now and see for your self.

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