Friday, February 26, 2010

Driving uninsured in the state of Florida is against the law

Are you driving without car insurance in Florida? What will happen to you when you get caught? Do you think you don't really need an auto insurance just because you are a meticulous driver?

First of all, lets make one thing absolutely clear. Driving your vehicle without auto insurance in Florida, or anywhere in the United States Of America for that matter, is illegal.

It is a crime in the eyes of the law and when, not if, you get caught for driving without insurance, you will have to face charges. Frequently, law enforcement agents do check people's auto insurance policies.

Florida's Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has the right to suspend your driving license for up to three years or until you are able to present a proof of Florida car insurance.

Of course, taking away your drivers license is just the beginning. In order to reinstate your drivers license, you will have no choice but to pay a fine as well.

You will also need a SR22 Form.

You may be given a penalty between $150 and $500, depending on previous traffic violations.

Apart from the fact that its a punishable offence, driving with no auto insurance in the Sunshine State is a dreadful idea.

Statistically, most of the serious accidents are caused by uninsured drivers.

Consider the fact that even if you are not caught just yet, it is entirely possible that you can cause an accident and being uninsured will mean that you will without a doubt have to pay an enormous sum of money to cover bills and medical expenses.

There is no question that many people in Florida are uninsured. Especially true now given the state of our economy and people's need to save money.

Saving money is one thing, but when it comes to driving in Florida, the law is quite clear - you are obliged to have insurance.

Getting a cheaper car insurance is a far better way to save money than not buying any insurance.

Driving without insurance is not worth the risk.

Find more information about driving auto insurance and SR22 insurance

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

British designer - Alexander Mcqueen

From his digital print minis to glamorous red-carpet gowns, the British designer - who died this week - knew how to make women look and feel fabulous.

Fashion icons Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and lately Rihanna and Lady GaGa they all wanted Mcqueen to make fabulous dresses for them.

Here are some of McQueen's most amazing creations in tribute to the style genius.

To be totally honest I did not understand his creations before and less now. Maybe I don't know nothing for fashion, but so what .. I don't like Lady Gaga's crazy "dresses".. they are way to much for me..

...Just saying... ;)

source: the sun

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

My father Ronny was driving without insurance

My cousin Mark was driving without insurance. I regret giving him the car.

How often do cops check for insurance anyway? Not very often, right?.

Of course he will be fined but there is more. Now even if he wants to get insured, he will need SR22. I'm not really sure what that is really. Found some articles SR22 Form, SR22 Insurance and SR22 - what is it?.

He may even go to jail if he does it again. I didn't know that the penalties for driving uninsured were that hars.

I could have been even worse if he had an accident or something. May be even drink driving without insurance - doesn't bare thinking about it

I still can't believe he did such an idiotic thing. Tell you what, that's the last time I'm giving him my car